Make them buy - more sales

Define your key selling message. Make that message consistent across all your marketing. Ask yourself why should customers buy from me, what can I do that my competitors can’t. Try to put together one sentence that sums up your benefits, this will then help you focus all your sales messages.

Give your customers a reason to respond today. Once you’ve given them the reasons to buy they then need a reason to do it there and then. Make an offer with a deadline or limited availability. The last thing you want is your communication filed in a deep dark draw.

Online shop

How about building your online shop through ebay and when you have the sales build your own online shop, keep it simple and only spend your budget where you will see a return

Creative tip

TEST, TEST, TEST. Which approach will work best for you? The best way to find out is to test a number and see which one works best. It could be different creative approaches or different media.

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